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Introduction :

Arabian Group Representatives (AGR) has been established in Sept. 1992.
We have established AGR as a private partnership company as to be a reliable supplier of laboratory equipment for the educational and research facilities.
We are seeking to fulfill the demand for all types of laboratory equipment for schools, vocational training schools, universities, and research centers

Our major activities are: selling, marketing and distributing all types of general laboratory equipment, Engineering teaching equipment, Vocational Training and I.T. Products.
After Sales service is a very important issue for our company, we always hire professional service engineers and train them for all of our products.
AGR has achieved and won many projects in both governmental and private sectors such as: -
•    Great national project of improving education standards (ministry of education) where we have supplied science teaching Equipment and Audio Visuals equipment for 21000 schools.
•    Supplying hundreds of general laboratory equipment to ministry of Health.
•    Many big, medium and small deals with all universities and research centers.
•    Many big and medium contracts with vocational training schools in departments like electrical, electronics, telecommunications, mechanics, mechatronics, automotive engineering, and textile and weaving machines.


Man Power: -

AGR has 10 talented and experienced sales engineers supported with 4 maintenance Engineers, one of them is S/W specialist for analytical equipment; support organization is provided by PHD Dr. in electronics and programming, admin department responsible for invoicing bid bonds, performance guarantee, delivery and logistics.

Our sales turn over:-
FY2015        FY2016        FY2017        FY2018
$ 6.2 M         $ 6.8 M         $ 7.5 M         $ 8.0 M


•    To work closely with manufacturers which have high technical products.
•    Market coverage
•    Addressing the market potentials.
•    Compete strongly to take a unique market share for both of us.


Mr. Mohsen Salah Abouzied
                             Managing Director